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Monday, November 10, 2008

In the Meantime

Hello friends!

In the future, I do not know how much time willl pass between podcasts, but I can assure this will not be considered the norm! Hopefully today will be the day Mags corrects her internet connection at home; pray and cross your fingers! Once that is done, there will be more frequent posts and casts.

Mags asks for prayers as she takes a bold leap in her church community. She is hoping to develop a Creative Arts Ministry team: she has projects lined up from a photography class to a group built to help with repairs within the community. She is also hoping to get involved in the teens acting troupe and let God (finally) use her degree.

Grags is organizing retreats and classes at church, as well. She also just moved into her own apartment - way to go, Grags!

Please be patient and prayerful as we develop our personal projects as well as maintain our Harry Potter love! Hopefully you will see (or rather, hear) a new podcast within the next few weeks!

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