MuggleNet: Half-Blood Prince Countdown

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hello fellow Muggle brothers and sisters!

It seems that we have been a bit absent lately, and for that we apologize. Grags is busy setting up the summer program for her youth group, and Mags recently completed a run of a musical. How exciting to be blessed with business!

It seems it has been so long since our last update that we haven't even mentioned the DATE CHANGE OF THE MOVIE! Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be released on Wednesday, July 15th - two days earlier than previously stated! If only Grags and Mags lived in the same city and could see it opening midnight together! Alas, they will have to enjoy the film across Texas, but at least they will have matching, homemade shirts! Grags has a longer history in the fandom than Mags, and she has many homemade shirts from such excursions as movie openings and book release parties. This will be Mags' first HP shirt!!

Let us all celebrate together for the joy these books and films bring to so many, as well as the connection they form between people. Hooray and Amen!

Love and Harry,
Grags and Mags

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