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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mags' Reaction

If I am remembering the "second trailer" correctly, my initial reaction was to squeal loudly in public. I was expecting not to see it, based on the viewing experiences of Grags and The Silent Partner. So when the music started, and the gray clouds rolled over the WB logo, I literally squealed. Bear in mind, friends, that I was sitting alone in a movie theater full of tweens. Rather than shrink back in embarrassment, I threw my body forward to the edge of my seat.

From that first, light-hearted moment , and then into the dizzying side-along Apparition, my attention was held (which is sometimes hard to do). I remember watching Ron pass out between Harry and Slughorn, and then they go on to talk about Love Potions, which is a hilarious bit. BUT, when I read HBP again over Christmas I realized that this scene with Slughorn is actually when Ron is poisoned! I'm not sure how I feel about them editing it to be funny, when it will turn out to be so tense.

OK, friends, prepare to judge me. When they show Draco in the mirror, panicking... my heart kind of stopped beating for a second. Um, could someone please tell me when this little blond twerp grew up and became an attractive young man?


Man, this trailer packs a lot of intensity into two minutes, and yet they maintain so much humor! I really can't wait for it to come out.

NOW, if you haven't seen this featurette (from TODAY Australia) watch it now:


I was beyond excited to hear about the "OPPUGNO" scene, where Hermione commands the canaries to attack Ron. My first reaction when I watched it, though, was overwhleming disappointment! I felt like she had no conviction! Plus the birds are supposed to attack him, as in scratch him up, but instead they smush into a wall (slightly humorous, but still). However, upon watching it again (and again and again), I have decided that I love it. It isn't what I wanted, but I do like it. It has more of a gut-wrenching grace; you can almost hear her heart break when she says it, and that face - Ron, what is wrong with you?! Go after her!

I am so excited to see this movie (even though I feel like we will have seen the whole thing in trailers by the time it comes out), and unlike Grags, I am going to remain optimistic for as long as I can.

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