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Monday, February 23, 2009

Reactions to the Second HBP Trailer!

About two weeks ago, the Silent Partner saw the second HBP trailer in a movie theatre. She was of course THRILLED and called me immediately after the movie was over. After a little bit of confusion (on my part) and a lot of squealing (on both of our part), we were able to shriek about it.

Now, I had seen the trailer when it had been released and had even recorded myself watching it the first time. This was the trailer that was supposed to be released during Twilight. However, for both the Silent Partner and I, that was not the case. Mags was lucky enough to see it on the big screen in November!

The Silent Partner hadn't seen the trailer yet, and she said that the moment she realized what the trailer was, her jaw dropped and she had to fight to contain her excitement.

She was watching "He's Just Not That Into You" and was completely surprised that the HBP trailer would be released during a viewing of that movie. She can't wait to see the Harry/Ginny kiss and is more convinced than ever that the kiss will actually occur. Silent Partner and Mags are much more optimistic than I am...

She believes that the creators of the movie have kept a good chunk of the storyline from the book and that it will be exciting to see on screen. She is most excited by the Dumbledore/Harry interaction.

And what did she say that I would be most excited about this newest movie? QUIDDITCH IS BACK!

She's right!

Mags, can you remember what your original thoughts were when you first viewed it?

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